The first batch of virtual banks in Hong Kong will soon be killed, and the market and bank service charges will be further reduced. HSBC, the local leader, announced that it will cancel the low balance service fee and wealth management requirements of the “Personal Integrated Account” and cancel the monthly, annual and counter transaction fees for multiple accounts, benefiting up to 3 million customers.

Single and joint accounts can benefit

HSBC issued a press release stating that the minimum comprehensive wealth management requirement for “Personal Integrated Accounts” and the low balance of service fees will be cancelled in August, and single and joint personal accounts will benefit, providing the first free service in Hong Kong. Bank of basic banking services. The bank also cancels the monthly fee, annual fee and counter transaction fee for multiple personal savings account categories.

The HSBC Integrated Finance Account will cancel the low balance service fee. At present, the total financial management value is less than RMB 200,000 and the fee is RMB 120; the personal comprehensive wealth management account cancels the low balance service fee, and the current balance is less than RMB 5,000. For the Hong Kong dollar statement savings account, the Hong Kong dollar passbook savings account and the cash card account, the monthly transaction fee for the monthly fee and the “savings” service customer is obtained.

As for the bank’s high-end personal banking services, HSBC Shangyu and HSBC Premier, the current minimum comprehensive financial requirements and the minimum balance of service fees for HSBC Premier remain unchanged.

Hin Gray, head of retail banking and wealth management business at HSBC Hong Kong, said that it hopes to promote universal finance through the above measures, so that customers from all walks of life can enjoy simple and fast banking services, and will continue to improve products and services to improve customers. Service experience.

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