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Tesla electric car joins the “playing machine” function. The real game is not a dream!

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As the world’s leading electric car company, in addition to the continuous introduction of new electric cars, Tesla also adds different interesting new features or small eggs to the products already on the market through software updates. At the recent E3 Game Show, Tesla CEO brought a new game feature called “Tesla Arcade”.

scare? Are the games all about Tesla? You are not mistaken, because this time Tesla Arcade is really a function that allows Tesla users to use their iconic big screen in the car to match the real machine in the car!

Tesla did not disclose the launch date of Tesla Arcade at the E3 conference last week, but according to the latest official statement, this game feature will be pushed to the major Tesla car systems with updates this week. Earlier, Tesla also provided a chance to try out the foreign media; from the film, Tesla Arcade can use the real disk in the car as the controller of the game, in addition to the racing game “Beach” used to promote. In addition to Buggy Racing 2, there are other famous games for killing time such as “2048”, “Missile Command”, “Asteroids”, etc. Of course, these games can also be operated through the touch screen.

This game function will naturally cause the public to consider the safety of the Tesla electric car, but the Tesla side will lock the pedal acceleration function when starting the game, and on the other hand, will display the detailed explanation and disclaimer when opening the game. In terms of responsibility, Tesla has done enough for them, and only expects Tesla drivers not to start the game without paying attention to safety/unsuitability (such as before the red light). 

But in retrospect, in the regulations of the Hong Kong Transport Department, there are expressly forbidden display devices in front of vehicles for use other than assisted driving, so it is highly probable that when updating to Tesla in Hong Kong, the functions of Tesla Arcade will be deleted. 

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