Wright Heze

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said on Wednesday that he will speak with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Hetong and will hold a meeting with the finance minister Mnu before the China-US summit meeting of the G20 summit. Steven Mnuchin met Liu He together. Wright Heze said that it is not clear when the formal trade negotiations will be restarted, but Washington is willing to negotiate with Beijing.

At the hearing of the Ways and Means Committee, Wright Heze said that he would call Liu He on the “next day and a half” and is expected to join Mnuchin before the meeting between the two heads of state. He met with Liu He in Osaka.

Wright Heze said that it is in the interest of the United States and China to reach a successful agreement. Trump once said that if he can win a great agreement for the United States, he certainly hopes that the two countries will reach an agreement. Wright Heze said that the current US-China talks are only “stopped”, but there is no “broken off”.

Wright Hitzer said in his testimony that it is unclear when the US-China formal trade negotiations will be restarted, but the United States “will of course” negotiate with China. Wright Heze said: “Of course, we are ready to contact China.”

Wright Heze also pointed out that he hopes to ensure that the “unbalance” between the two countries is resolved. He said that the United States has a “very unbalanced” relationship with China. “We are facing the risk of future employment.” He continued, “We are talking, we have to meet, you know, we have the same goals as you and other members. If we can solve these problems by improving this relationship and maintaining the competitive advantage of the United States, we have an obligation. Do this, hope we can achieve this.”

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