Trump admitted on Friday (21st) that he had stopped the Iranian operation at the last minute and said he was not in a hurry to retaliate.

When he was interviewed by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on the same day, he said that he did not want to fight with Iran, but warned that if the conflict broke out, Iran would be wiped out. He also pointed out that the United States is open to negotiations, but does not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Trump said on Friday that he was interviewed by the National Broadcasting Corporation program “Meet The Press”, he did not want to go to war with Iran, but if it happens, it will be “obliteration that you have never seen before.”

There is no precondition for his negotiations with the Tehran government: “You (Iran) cannot have nuclear weapons, and if you want to talk about it, well, deny that you can live in a collapsed economy for a long time.”

He reiterated his earlier posting on Twitter that the US military’s attack plan was “ready, but I need to get my consent”, but when he learned that the action would cause 150 deaths in Iran, he thought that for an unmanned person. The death of 150 people is not in proportion. He also denied reports that the US fighters were in the air.

Trump pointed out on Twitter on the 21st that Iran shot down a US drone. Later, the US military was ready to retaliate against the three targets that night, but he stopped before 10 minutes of action. Trump stressed that he is not in a hurry to retaliate, but also refers to the implementation of more sanctions against the Tehran government, and reiterated that “Iran must not possess nuclear weapons, cannot oppose the United States, and can not oppose the world.”

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