boeing 737 max

More than 400 pilots filed a class action lawsuit accusing the Boeing 737 Max 8 of a problem and long-term grounding, which caused them to suffer money and spirit and demand compensation.

Australia’s “ABC” reported that Boeing “unknown concealed” the “known design flaws” of the popular 737 Max 8 medium and short-haul aircraft, which caused the plane to crash, and therefore claimed millions of dollars.

Refers to the Boeing Addition System, which makes it easy for the aircraft to stall.

Court documents show that a so-called defect is a software called the Maneuvering Feature Enhancement System (MCAS), which the pilot calls the aerodynamic processing system of the software, posing a danger to the aircraft.

According to the document, because the Boeing 737 Max 8 uses a larger engine, the aerodynamic force changes, and it is easy to swoop when flying, becoming a stall down.

This is the first class-action lawsuit that Boeing faced after the recent 737 crash. More than 400 plaintiffs pointed out that Boeing’s mistakes led to the global grounding, which caused them to suffer financial and spiritual losses.

The Chicago court has accepted the lawsuit and is scheduled to be heard on October 21.

In March 2019, Boeing 737 Max 8 had two crashes in succession, killing a total of 346 people.

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