GEM Star Asia Holdings (8293) was suddenly washed out, plummeting 96.5% throughout the day, with a turnover of 306 million yuan. The “victims” include a listed company in Hong Kong.

The eprint Group (1884) issued a notice after the close of the market that the company holds 900,000 shares of Xingya Holdings, which is classified as a listed equity investment and is classified as a financial asset at fair value through profit or loss. Eprint said that the fall in the share price may affect the performance of the group.

The share price of Xingya Holdings is still at 4.9 yuan this morning. The market share of eprint is about 4.4 million yuan. However, with the Xingya closing at 0.172 yuan, the market value of the shares has shrunk to 155,000 yuan. Evaporated more than 4 million yuan.

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