china us truce

US President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping are scheduled to hold talks on Saturday morning (29th) during the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. China and the United States have reportedly agreed to suspend the trade war.

The South China Morning Post quoted sources on Thursday (27th) as saying that before the Sino-US leaders held talks, the two countries agreed to suspend the trade war, which aimed to restore trade negotiations between the two countries and resolve Sino-US trade disputes.

The source pointed out that the relevant details will be announced before the “Study Conference”. It is expected that this preliminary agreement will suspend the US from imposing a 25% tariff on Chinese goods worth US$300 billion; the truce will be in the form of a press release rather than a joint statement. Announced.

The news also said that the condition for Xi Jinping and Trump to meet in Osaka was that the US government agreed to the temporary ceasefire agreement and later imposed a tariff on the $300 billion Chinese goods.

Both the White House and the US Trade Representative Office (USTR) declined to comment.

US White House spokesman said on Wednesday (26th) Trump will meet with Xi Jinping in Osaka at 11:30 am on Saturday (29th) (10:30 am Hong Kong time).

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