north korea

The DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Thursday (27th) demanding that South Korea stop acting as a mediator between North Korea and the United States.

The DPRK Foreign Ministry stated that when North Korea deals with the United States, it never needs South Korea to intervene. It also refers to the mistake made by South Korean President Wen Zaiyu who claimed that the DPRK and the ROK are communicating through multiple channels. The statement once again requires the United States to propose a plan acceptable to both sides of the nuclear negotiations before the end of the year.

Wen said on Wednesday (26th) that the United States is secretly negotiating with the DPRK. He hopes to promote the third round of talks between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and said that he is not prepared to meet with Kim Jong-un at any time, regardless of location, time and form.

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