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Nokia warns that Huawei’s device storage vulnerability poses a risk for 5G networks

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5G networks can connect more devices than 4G, which also means increased risk. Nokia warned that there are loopholes in Huawei’s telecommunications equipment, posing a risk for the country’s 5G network.

“BBC” reported that Nokia technical director Marcus Weldon said that Huawei used to have an unfair financial advantage in the past, and the US pressure to resist this advantage: “In contrast to the Chinese government subsidies, we used to be disadvantaged.”

Nokia in Finland and Ericsson in Sweden are Huawei’s main rivals in the 5G infrastructure equipment industry, and Huawei is leading the market in many markets.

The citation report indicates that Huawei products are less secure.

Marcus Weldon quoted a report from the US cyber security company Finite State, detailing the loopholes in Huawei’s devices and thinking that Nokia is a more secure option.

The report said: “We have studied almost all categories, and Huawei products are less secure than other manufacturers.”

Marcus Weldon believes that 5G plays an important role in infrastructure, and the British government should seriously consider it. “This means that when adding Chinese suppliers’ products to the network, they should be very careful. If they continue to do so in the past, these security vulnerabilities may continue to exist.”

Huawei mislead the name of its own product security

A Huawei spokesperson said that Nokia’s comments were “misleading” and denied that the device was at risk. “We believe that a secure and flexible network can only be achieved through industry cooperation. We are committed to protecting privacy and cybersecurity, so all market participants can be fair.”

Huawei continued: “We have a good track record in providing safe, reliable and high quality products to all major telecommunications operators in Europe.”

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