US President Trump and South Korean President Wen on the afternoon of the 30th (30th) jointly went to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) Panmunjom in the Korean-DPRK border to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Trump became the first US president to enter North Korea across the military demarcation line. What kind of place is Panmunjom, and what is the important historical and political significance? Hong Kong 01 sorts out the following information so that you can read them at once.

In 1953, North Korea and the US-led coalition signed an armistice agreement at Panmunjom, but the two sides did not end the war. The two Koreas are still hostile.

Panmen Store is 60 kilometers away from Seoul and 210 kilometers away from Pyongyang. It is located on the military boundary line between Korea and North Korea. It has become the location of contact and exchange between the two regimes. It is also the front line of war. 

The Panmunjom has a Peace House and is a place for exchanges between the two Koreas. The entire area of Panmunjom is both a military center and a symbol of the peaceful reunification of the two Koreas.

Panmunjom is not subject to the jurisdiction of Han Dynasty

It is a rare place on weekdays, but every important moment such as the two Korea summits has become a global concern, just as the current special event will meet with the leaders of the ROK and the DPRK.

Although they met at Panmunjom, it did not belong to the jurisdiction of South Korea or North Korea. Instead, it was managed by the United Nations Command, which supports South Korea.

On a peaceful day, people from North Korea or their ancestors in North Korea will come to the area to worship their ancestors on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Panmunjom is divided into two sides by military boundaries, and there are South Korean and Korean soldiers respectively. It is the only area where Korean and Korean soldiers face each other. As for the Peace House in Panmunjom, it is a building controlled by South Korea.

The meaning behind the Panmunjom meeting

In addition to the South Korean president and North Korean leaders, there are also US presidents visiting Panmunjom. The US presidents who have traditionally visited South Korea will come to the district to show that the United States supports South Korea’s position in the unfinished Korean war. But this time Trump invited Kim Jong-un to meet in Panmunjom, and it is clear that the United States, North Korea and South Korea are committed to peace on the Korean peninsula.

In view of the message from the US President or the leaders of the ROK and the DPRK visiting the demilitarized zone, they are not easy to do so. During his visit to Korea in November 2017, Trump was undecided about the visit to Panmunjom. In the end, although he decided to go to the district, he was canceled due to weather problems.

Leaders gathered at the border of Korea and North Korea to ask for opportunities, and a similar situation is happening in early 2018. At the time, Kim Jong-un released goodwill to the ROK in his New Year’s speech, which led to the formation of the Korean team to participate in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the “Wenjinhui” held on April 27.

South Korean President Wen Zai and Kim Jong-un meet for the first time on the day of history. On the day of the day, Kim Jong-un crossed the 38th military demarcation line. After the transit, he improvised the invitation to the North Korean side, thus creating a scene of history: Kim Jong-un took the hand of Wen Zai and walked through the 38th line and entered the territory of North Korea. In his speech, Wen said that from today, the 38th parallel is no longer the meaning of separating the two places, but represents friendship.

The politicians visiting the Panmunjom have their symbolic meaning, and the civilian population can also go to the local area. In recent years, Panmunjom has become a tourist attraction for foreign tourists because of its unique position. However, visitors must follow the clothing requirements, not wearing faded open jeans, work uniforms, T-shirts, miniskirts and printed with sensitive words, in addition to 65,000 to 85,000 won per trip (about 473 to 618 Hong Kong dollars).

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