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US President Trump and South Korean President Wen on the afternoon of the 30th (30th) jointly went to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) Panmunjom in the Korean-DPRK border to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

After Trump became the first US president to step into the DPRK, Kim Jong-un accompanied him to the South Korean side of the military demarcation line and met in the face.

After the historic meeting between the United States and South Korea, the 50-minute “Panthemian Special Gold Club” was also over. Trump and Wenzhao held a brief press conference at the Peace House of South Korea after Kim Jong-un left the DPRK, saying that the US and the DPRK agreed to restart the denuclearization negotiations.

Trump’s trip led to three historical moments, namely, he became the first US president to step into North Korea, Kim Jong-un walked through the military demarcation line after the “Golden Council” in April 2018, and the United States The leaders of the three parties of the ROK and the DPRK met together.

[15:56] US President Trump and South Korean President Wen Zai returned to the Peace House and delivered speeches to the people present.

[16:06] Trump said that the US and the DPRK will form a working group to discuss this concern.

[15:54] Kim Jong-un walked to the side of the military demarcation line.

[15:53] US President Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Wen Zai’s summit of the US-South Korea and North Korea ended, and the three men came out of the Peace House.

[15:07] Trump and Kim Jong-un took a seat at the Peace House and talked to reporters. South Korean President Wen Zai will join in the meeting later.

[15:09] Kim Jong-un said that he was deeply surprised by Trump’s invitation.

[14:56] Trump and Kim Jong-un entered the Peace House on the Korean side of the demilitarized zone of Panmunjom, and the historic meeting of the three parties of the United States, South Korea and the DPRK will begin.

[14:51] After Trump took a photo on the side of the DPRK, the two returned to the Korean side. During his time in South Korea, Kim Jong-un, in addition to shaking hands with Trump and taking photos, also answered questions and answered questions from reporters present.

[14:50] Trump became the first US president to enter the DPRK.

[14:49] Kim Jong-un invited Trump to step into North Korea and shake hands for 15 seconds.

[14:48] Trump and Kim Jong-un have historically shake hands at the military demarcation line. This is the third time the two met, and they met again after the “Special Gold Club” in Hanoi, Vietnam in February.

[14:47] Kim Jong-un appeared in the Panmunjom store.

First go to the viewing platform and overlook the territory of North Korea.

Trump arrived at Panmunjom by helicopter at around 2:30 local time, and Wen Zai, who was on a private bus, arrived later. The two first went to the viewing platform of the police station near the Panmunjom, and the local US military and the Korean army respectively introduced the local situation and looked at the territory of North Korea.

The observation deck is at the northern end of the DMZ, only 25 meters from the military boundary. The Han Dynasty reached an agreement in 2018 to gradually reduce or remove the military facilities of the DMZ, including mine clearance and demolition of the outposts and machine gun towers. Trump said it is hard to imagine that Panmunjom can be so peaceful today and that this is the result of a year of negotiations.

After two people, they went to the US military base in Panmen Store to meet local officers and men. In his speech, Trump said that the visit to Panmunjom was a long-planned plan, but it was not until Saturday (29th) that he “suddenly wished” to invite Kim Jong-un to meet with Panmunjom.

Trump said on Sunday morning, “The meeting will be short-lived. It may just be a handshake, but it is no problem, because the handshake is very meaningful.”

Trump proposed on Saturday (29th) that the two met at Panmunjom and received a reply from the DPRK. However, as of Sunday morning, the parties have not officially confirmed the matter.

Later, a press conference was held between Trump and Trump to confirm that Trump will meet with Kim Jong-un in the afternoon, saying that this will be 66 years after the US-DPRK Armistice, and the US and the DPRK will meet again at the Panmunjom store and call the handshake of the two. It will mean the arrival of peace and is also an “important milestone” in the process of North Korea’s denuclearization.

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