iran uranium

The Iranian Students’ News Agency quoted the foreign minister, Mohammad Zarif, on Monday (July 1) as saying that Iran’s enriched uranium inventories have exceeded the 300 kilogram limit in the Iranian Nuclear Agreement. He said Tehran’s next step is to increase the abundance of enriched uranium to more than 3.67%.

The Iranian Nuclear Agreement strictly limits activities such as uranium enrichment. The abundance of enriched uranium that can be prepared is limited to less than 3.67%, which is much lower than the abundance of more than 90% of weapons-grade enriched uranium. Before the agreement was reached, Iran’s enriched uranium abundance reached 20%.

Zarif said that Iran has clearly expressed what they are doing and will take action. He said that according to the agreement, the move is in line with Iran’s “rights.” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said earlier on Monday that if European countries take more concrete actions, Iran’s actions to reduce its commitments can “turn around”.

The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed on Monday that Iran’s total enriched uranium inventory has exceeded the cap. Iran’s semi-official method, Fars, reported that the Atomic Energy Organization will publish a report on the enrichment of uranium stocks above the ceiling. 

After Iran announced its partial withdrawal from the nuclear agreement reached in 2015, it has suspended the sale of enriched uranium and heavy water to other countries. The nuclear agreement allows Iran to sell, thus keeping inventory within the upper limit. Tehran announced in May that it will raise the level of enriched uranium unless countries can protect the Iranian economy from US sanctions within 60 days. The term expires on July 8.

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