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More than a year after the China-US trade war broke out, Trump’s daughter Ivanka was not the frontline of the negotiations, nor did he have a position on the US-China trade war. Now, what did she say in her special seminar?

US President Donald Trump, who finished the G20 and his visit to South Korea, returned to Washington on July 1. The Chamber and its third special event will make Trump a big hit. There is also a person who has earned enough attention to this visit. She is the daughter of Trump, Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump squeezed into the conversation between French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Theresa May and International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Christine Lagarde. People’s conversation. This made CNN feel the role of Ivanka with “Ivanka Trump: consultant, daughter, diplomat this week.”

Similarly, Ivanka appeared in the high-profile Chinese and US dollar talks. As can be seen from the photos on the scene, Ivanka sits in the middle of Bolton and the National Trade Commission director Peter Navarro. When Xi Jinping made his opening remarks, Ivanka sat down and listened carefully. When it was Turner’s turn, Ivanka turned his head to his father, and his eyes watched the Chinese reaction from time to time.

This is the third time Ivanka has accompanied Trump to attend the G20 summit. She is active at every summit. However, this is her first special meeting during the G20 summit. At the G20 summit in Argentina in December 2018, Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, appeared in the first meeting of the US dollar. Ivanka, who attended the G20 summit, did not attend. At the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany in July 2017, Ivanka did not attend the fair.

More than a year after the China-US trade war broke out, the US negotiators were basically Mnuchin, Wright Heze and others. Ivanka was not the frontline personnel of the negotiations, nor did he have a position on the US-China trade war. Now, what did she say in her special seminar?

From this special seminar, Trump has released a lot of goodwill to China, such as no longer levying tariffs on China, releasing Huawei, clarifying that he is not hostile to China, etc., all of which he hopes to stabilize US-China relations. Performance. Trump’s toughness against China is in line with Washington’s entire political climate and is also a card he seeks to be re-elected. The overall White House cabinet team has such a factor influence on China. However, if this tough trend toward China continues, the situation will easily get out of control. In particular, many people have already warned that China and the United States are in danger of breaking.

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