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Where is the Sino-Canadian relationship going? Since the end of last year, at the end of last year, Canada has detained Huawei’s vice chairman, Meng Xingzhou. Chinese convenience has been chasing and slamming. First, two Canadians in China were arrested on the grounds of espionage, and then the Canadian agricultural products were gradually blocked by quarantine. Ottawa has failed to make contact with Beijing on this occasion and failed to get the help of the US President Trump in the G20, completely mired in a dilemma.

At this sensitive moment, during the G20 last week, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei accepted the Canadian “Global Mail” visit, which was an unofficial channel for the Canadian side to solve the problem.

Ren Zhengfei: Other countries are smarter

Compared with the Chinese bureaucratic system, Ren Zhengfei did not say slang words. He pointed out that if Canada arranges to release Meng Zhouzhou, “we will carry out our work here.” The implication is that even if it is ugly, it is like a “hostage.” In exchange, the fact is that the two sides are really seeking solutions to problems. However, Ren Zhengfei also criticized during the visit. The Canadian side’s approach is stupid: “Or some other countries will be smarter and refuse US extradition requests.” He also called on the Canadian Ministry of Justice to intervene in the incident and release Meng’s night boat but also indicated that For the Canadian side.

The Meng Zhouzhou incident has devastated China-Canada relations. It will not remove this thorn in a day. Beijing will continue to pursue Canada in the foreseeable future. According to Ren Zhengfei’s interpretation, Canada is stupid in the United States, Australia and the European Union, standing behind the United States to do cheerleading, or from the Sino-US friction in the fishermen profit, but directly to the front desk “for the tiger”, willing to take advantage of The allegations of blackmail also arrested Meng Xiazhou and stepped on the international moral red line. It is no longer an international Boao. As a result, Beijing has received a hundred times.

Hong Kong “smart” release of Snowden

Assuming that Canada was “unintentional”, it is even more stupid. It is not an ordinary judicial case to ignore the case of Meng Xia Zhou. The political meaning is enough to set off a diplomatic storm. Hong Kong seems to be “smarter” than in Canada. In June 2013, Snowden, who revealed the US surveillance program, fled to Hong Kong. The United States immediately issued an extradition request. The Hong Kong Government did not issue a warrant for the arrest of the US document on the grounds that the US document was not prepared. Finding legal and normal ways to leave Hong Kong.”

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