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Baidu “Flying Paddle” and Huawei “Kirin” cooperate to open up deep learning framework and chip

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At the Baidu AI Developers Conference held today (3rd), Bai Hai Chief Technology Officer Wang Haifeng and Huawei Consumer BG Software President Wang Chenglu announced that Baidu PaddlePaddle deep learning platform and Huawei Kirin chip cooperation, the two sides will open depth Learning frameworks and wafers.

According to reports, Baidu Flying Paddle is China’s first and currently the only open source learning platform with open source and complete functions in China; Huawei Unicorn is Huawei’s self-developed end-test AI chip platform.

The cooperation includes three major aspects. First, Baidu’s flying paddles will be fully docked with Huawei’s Kirin chips at the bottom of the HiAI Foundation, maximizing the release of chip hardware capabilities and providing computing power for the end-side AI. Second, the two parties will jointly optimize the classic model to allow the equipment equipped with the Unicorn chip to operate. Third, through the deep learning framework’s performance and functional appeals, the chip continues to increase computing power, driving the rapid evolution of next-generation chips.

Wang Chenglu said that the two sides will use the world’s leading end-test AI chip and deep learning platform to create the best deep learning operation efficiency. Wang Haifeng pointed out that Baidu and Huawei have been cooperating for a long time. In 2017, Baidu and Huawei signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. This time, Baidu Flying Paddle and Huawei Qilin reached a deeper level of cooperation, which will jointly explore the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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