china-us trade negotiations

Trade negotiators in China and the US may restart high-level trade negotiations this week. However, differences in the previous commitments and political considerations may lead to negotiations being blocked.

The Wall Street Journal quoted people familiar with the matter, including senior US-China trade officials, including US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, or on the phone this week. If the call is successful, it could lead to face-to-face negotiations, possibly in Beijing.

The newspaper quoted another person familiar with the matter as saying that China is willing to pay for the purchase of US goods as part of the entire trade agreement, but the agreement must be balanced and both sides must make concessions.

Sources pointed out that the obstacles in the negotiations two months ago still exist. For example, the United States requires China to buy more American agricultural products and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. China also insists that the United States cancel all tariffs imposed on Chinese goods.

US President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping held a “Study Conference” at the G20 Osaka Summit and agreed to restart trade negotiations. However, his remarks seem to be not conducive to re-investment atmosphere. When he left for the White House in New Jersey on Monday (8th), he pointed out to reporters, “We are very effective in China’s tariff measures.” China’s earlier cancellation of all tariffs on Chinese goods is considered a necessary condition for China and the United States to reach a trade agreement. Some analysts believe that Trump said this is the bottom line of the Chinese side.

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