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China-US relations under the China-US trade war and science and technology wars have become tense, and the United States continues to suppress Chinese students and scholars. Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng gave a speech at the 8th World Peace Forum on July 8th, referring to the problems arising from the exchanges between Chinese and American humanities. According to sources, he once said that the United States is suppressing Chinese students and scholars. “It is too unconfident.”

Recently, there have been many problems in humanities exchanges between China and the United States. For example, Chinese experts and scholars have been blocked in the United States; scientists in the United States have been discriminated against, harassed, and even dismissed; Chinese students in the United States have been monitored and even refused; the Confucius Institute has been ordered to close.

Le Yucheng not only talked about these phenomena in the forum, but also denounced the US’s practice of obstructing Chinese and American humanities exchanges with blood and ethnicity as a label. “If normal personnel exchanges are artificially cut, the relationship between the two big powers is still How to maintain and develop?”

It is said that Le Yucheng also said that some public reports have not been made to ridicule the United States: “Our international students are only teenage dolls. We sent them to the United States, not afraid of being brainwashed by the United States, but the Americans are afraid. They go to cultural infiltration and treat our international students as spies. I think the United States is too self-confident.”

Le Yucheng also talked about China’s relationship with the world at the forum. He said that China’s development is an opportunity and contribution to the world. It is by no means a challenge or a threat. I believe the world will witness that China will not build any high walls and will not be decoupled from any country.

Le Yucheng also said that the two historical processes of “making the United States great again” and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation can go hand in hand. China and the United States can accomplish each other and “great” together.

He stressed that the current problems facing the United States are not China’s; the threat of tax increase and decoupling is not a “prescription” to solve the problem; it is not a rational move to regard China as an enemy.

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