On July 9 last year, after the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (0388) revised the listing rules, it was the first listed company to be listed in the same stock. How is the performance of Xiaomi Group (1810) at the age of listing? Last year, the company was listed at 17 yuan, and once saw a high of 22.2 yuan. However, the company that does not allow the listing of different shares in the mainland to be listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange has a negative impact on the stock price. Afterwards, the market conditions were not good, and the stocks lifted the ban to bring the stocks out of stocks and other factors, resulting in stock prices down, had lost 9 yuan, a low of 8.91 yuan, compared with the offer price fell 47.6%.

Xiaomi’s share price is still down today, the latest report was 9.42 yuan, down 2%, the turnover was 641 million yuan.

In addition to the age of Xiaomi’s listing, it is also the second batch of restricted shares to be lifted. A total of more than 40 billion shares will be lifted.

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