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British Prime Minister candidate debates wonderful but believes that election results cannot be changed

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British Prime Minister candidate, former foreign minister Boris Johnson and current foreign minister Jeremy Hunt attended the election forum held by ITV Television on Tuesday (9th). This is the first time that the two have started a one-on-one debate on TV. The two have become the focus of the forum, but I believe that this debate will not bring about changes in the election results.

The election of the British Conservative Party leader is now in progress. About 160,000 Conservative Party members in the country will vote by mail in order to close on July 22. The result of the vote will be made public the next day (23rd), and the person who becomes the leader of the Conservative Party will succeed Wen Cuishan as the new prime minister.

Johnson is confident but avoids sensitive topics being attacked

Johnson and Hou Junwei attended the election forum held by ITV on Tuesday, which was the first one-on-one public debate on television. In the debate, Johnson showed his confidence and optimism about Brexit. He said that he must insist on leaving the European Union on October 31. “We can let the EU understand that we are ready and determined to be willing to reach a better agreement with us. “

However, the focus of the argument lies in the tit-for-tat relationship between the two sides. Hou Junwei is dissatisfied with whether Johnson can’t leave the European Union to resign, and also avoids the departure of the main character of the e-text, Kim Darroch. Compared with Hou Junwei, he gave the answer on every question. He commented on Johnson in the debate: “He often puts a smile on his face, so that you will forget the question you want to ask. This is a skill that politicians need, but What the non-prime minister needs.”

Johnson is holding Hou Junwei in the past to support the fight against Europe and questioning that Hou Junwei will not insist on the deadline for Brexit. Johnson said that the EU will not take this “time-varying dead line” seriously, and that Hou Junwei cannot get a better Brexit agreement.

Can’t change the impression of both sides, I believe the results will not change.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) summed up this debate: “Johnson has been avoiding stepping on the skin, and Hou Junwei is chasing after Johnson’s flash.” But because of Johnson’s avoidance, he avoided avoiding his own mistakes. So the result: this debate did not specifically reverse the game.

The British “Guardian” said that Johnson’s self-confidence makes people think that he can “magic” to reverse the dilemma of today’s Brexit, but in reality, whether it is Johnson’s unconfident self-confidence or Hou Junwei’s cautiousness, the two still continue to show “a front runner to face the challenge.” The scene of the person.” Conservative party members have already begun voting. I believe that many people have already cast votes in this situation. They believe that this debate will not bring about changes in the election results.

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