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Larry Kudlow, the White House’s chief economic adviser, said on Tuesday (9th) that he was interviewed by the US Financial News Channel CNBC that the possibility that China and the United States could not reach an agreement still exists.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday (9th) He held a telephone conversation with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan. When Kudlow accepted CNBC’s visit on the same day, he said that the telephone conversation was “constructive”. And said that he is optimistic about life, I believe that China and the United States have the possibility of reaching an agreement. However, Kudlow used the rugby game as a metaphor, suggesting that the Trump administration may eventually fall short.

Kudlow said that as a fan of the New York Giants football team, he has long been “tortured”: “They may reach 7 yards in the game”, “but they can never run into the touchdown zone with the ball ( End zone)”; “When you get to the last 10%, which is 7 yards, it is very difficult.”

Kudlow pointed out that it takes a long time to negotiate with China, saying that there is no time limit and no speed limit. “We want a good agreement.”

Kudlow also said that the United States is still dissatisfied with China’s intellectual property theft. He said: “Our team has repeatedly asked to change China’s laws, but there are more and more resistances in this regard.” “China seems to think that the National Security Council or the Politburo has issued relevant regulations. We do not agree.”

Kudlow also pointed out that China’s “various power centers” are now pushing what they call “fair and fair agreements.” “I understand. But our trade relationship with them is very uneven. Therefore, we hope to see in many ways. Remedial measures and corrective actions.”

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