china-us trade war

During the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, the China-US trade negotiations were restarted. US Vice President Burns said on July 10 that China must change and solve some problems.

US Vice President Mike Pence held a press conference at the Freitas Family Farm on July 10 when he visited California. Burns urged China to change its practices, join the international family, and make progress.

Burns said: “Obviously, our relationship with China is very complicated, and this will continue to be a topic of great importance to the current administration. President Donald Trump has made it clear that China’s trade practices in the past few decades have not been It is acceptable. Not only the huge trade deficit, but also the transfer of compulsory technology, intellectual property, etc., must be resolved.”

He also said: “We made it clear that China must change. China must be willing to move forward and accept this change. We really believe that by joining the international family, we will see that within China, there is that whole Progress in a wide range of areas.”

Penns’s statement coincides with the resumption of China-US trade negotiations. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He made a phone call with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Stevn Mnuchin on July 9. China-US trade issues are being negotiated.

On July 11, Beijing time, China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesman Feng said that the economic and trade team of China and the United States will restart economic and trade consultations on the basis of equality and mutual respect in accordance with the requirements of the meeting between the two heads of state in Osaka. China’s core concerns must be properly resolved. It is believed that the two sides can take care of each other’s legitimate concerns through equal dialogue and will be able to find solutions to the problems. This is in the interests of the two countries and the two peoples and the interests of the world and the people of the world.

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