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Merkel’s whole body trembles or psychological problems appeal to the public.

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The health of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has received further attention. When she held a welcoming ceremony for visiting Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne outside the Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday (10th), her body shook again during her standing. It was the third time she was discovered in a month that she could not help but tremble in public. After meeting with Linne, Merkel held a press conference and insisted that he was fine. It may be caused by psychological problems, so that everyone should not worry.

The 64-year-old Merkel will celebrate her 65th birthday one week later (July 17th). 
On Wednesday (10th), during the welcoming ceremony, she played a significant trembling during the national anthem. Merkel said on Wednesday that everyone should not worry, this may be caused by the psychological impact of the first full body shake in the middle of June, and it means that similar situations will disappear.

On June 18, Merkel appeared outside the prime minister’s residence, and there was a generalized shaking and it seemed to be unstable. She later explained that she was dehydrated, and it was much better after drinking at least 3 glasses of water.

The other was on the ceremony of the new German Minister of Justice on June 27. She stood in front of President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and suddenly involuntarily shook the whole body, reportedly maintained for about 2 minutes. The German government explained that she was not serious.

When Merkel attended the G20 summit in Osaka at the end of June, he emphasized that he was in good health.

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