US Assistant Secretary

US State Department Assistant Secretary of State for Asia and the Pacific David Stilwell arrived in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday (11th) for the first time after taking office. He said at Narita Airport: “I look forward to exchanging views on the Indian Pacific strategy and the situation in Iran and North Korea.”

Stilwell will stay in Japan until next Sunday (14th), during which he will hold consultations with the Japanese government on the denuclearization of the DPRK and the response to China.

Kyodo quoted US government sources as saying that Stilwell may visit the US military base in Misawa, Aomori Prefecture on Saturday (13th). He worked in the US Air Force for 35 years. From 2008 to 2010, he served as commander of the 35th Combat Air Corps of the core unit of the US military’s Misawa base.

The report pointed out that his visit to the local area is a hope to show the friendship between Japan and the United States. Stilwell believes that he will be happy to be able to return to the base in a new identity.

According to the itinerary, Stilwell will visit Manila, Philippines on Monday and Tuesday (15th and 16th), visit Seoul, South Korea on Wednesday (17th), and visit Bangkok, Thailand from Thursday to Friday (18th and 19th). Hold talks with senior officials of various countries.

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