US President Trump announced on July 12 that Labor Secretary Acosta resigned. When Acosta was accused of being a prosecutor many years ago, he released the billionaire Epstein, who was suspected of sexually assaulting an underage girl. He denied the accusation before.

Donald Trump and Alex Acosta met with reporters at the White House that day, and Acosta announced his resignation. Trump said that Acosta contacted him that morning and resigned is Acosta’s decision.

Acosta served as the Florida District Attorney for 2007, when he was responsible for the signing of a plea agreement with Jeffrey Epstein. In the end, Epstein was only sentenced to 13 months in prison. It is believed that Acosta released Epstein and asked him to resign.

Epstein, a hedge fund manager, has been accused of personally arbitrarily with many dignitaries. The federal court recently accused him of sexual intercourse with dozens of teenage girls during 2002 and arranged for underage girls. Trading, once the crime is the highest, can be sentenced to 45 years.

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