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The British ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch, continued to ferment, and the British media ignored the warning and continued to open diplomatic messages. One of them mentioned that Darrow’s decision that Trump had withdrawn from the Iranian nuclear deal was purely for angering Obama.

The British police said on July 12 that they would investigate the leak of the Darok message and said that if the media continued to publish the message, it would break the law. However, the British “Sunday Post” ignored the police appeal and continued to disclose the contents of secret diplomatic messages.

According to the disclosed message, Darok believes that Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement is due to his ideology and personality. Trump’s diplomatic destructive act was aimed at angering him by overthrowing Obama’s agreement.

The report said that before Darok sent a message, the then foreign minister, Boris Johnson, had just traveled to the United States to lobby Trump not to withdraw from the nuclear agreement, but failed. The report also said that Darrow said that including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were not able to fully explain why Trump had withdrawn from the nuclear agreement. Darok said that the White House did not seem to have the next step after withdrawing from the nuclear agreement.

The Iranian nuclear deal is seen as a major achievement in the predecessor’s post as President Obama. In May 2018, Trump ignored the opposition of Western allies, withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal and resumed sanctions against Iran. The incident has continued to heat up in recent days.

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