The US House of Representatives passed a bill on July 16 condemning President Trump for speaking to four members of the minority Democratic Party. This is the first time that the United States has passed a bill against the president for more than a hundred years.

In the past, the US Congress has repeatedly condemned the bill, including the “Report on Hate Performance and Speech” passed by the House of Representatives in March 2019, condemning any discrimination against race, religion, immigration, etc., but there are only a few condemnations against the president. .

In the past, only 4 times against the president

According to a 2018 Congressional Research Service report in 2018, there were only four attempts to condemn the president in the history of the US Congress, including the 1868 Andrew Johnson and 1998 Bill Clinton impeachment. But both impeachment were unsuccessful.

Richard Nixon was also impeached by Congress in 1974, but he has resigned before Congress considered the bill, so it is not counted.

The other two were condemned by Theodore Roosevelt in 1909 and William Howard Taft in 1912, but all ended in failure.

Condemnation has passed but does not consider impeachment

The condemnation case was enthusiastically responded by the Democratic Party. Pramila Jayapal, a Democratic Party member from India, spoke at the parliament and said that he had heard the words “rolling back to his hometown” many times, but it was “first.” I heard the White House say this.” After the vote was over, some Democrats shouted at the bombing of Trump.

But the analysis believes that the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi should not directly push the impeachment case, except that the impeachment case will eventually be difficult to pass in the Senate, and the impeachment will also affect the upcoming 2020 presidential election. The Democratic Party can create history through condemnation, which is quite symbolic.

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