The US Senate and House of Representatives have a number of Democratic and Republican lawmakers. On July 16, they jointly proposed a bill to maintain strict restrictions on Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, including prohibiting the Ministry of Commerce from removing Huawei’s list of entities. Nor can it be exempted from US companies from doing business with Huawei.

The bill “Defending America’s 5G Future Act” was jointly proposed by two-party lawmakers. Republican Senator Tom Cotton believes that American companies should not use enemies that use American products to spy on the United States. Do business.

The United States has included Huawei in the list of entities, prohibiting US companies from having any business dealings with Huawei. After the Osaka G20 summit in June, President Donald Trump announced that it would allow Huawei to sell products that do not affect national security.

The relevant bills are believed to be aimed at loosening the restrictions, and the bill restricts companies from restarting business with Huawei.

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