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Miller hearing response content seven key points

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Tong Mumen Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller attended the first hearing on his report on July 24. In the seven-hour hearing, most of the content was around its more than 400 pages of reports in March. The following are the main questions at the hearing and the main content of Miller’s response.

The threat of Russia is still

Miller stressed that Russia’s attempts to influence the United States have not stopped after the 2016 election: “They continue to influence the United States while we are sitting here.” Miller said that he could expect the same thing in the 2020 election. And other countries may refer to Russian practices.

Reiterate that the report did not excuse Trump

Miller’s report outlines Trump’s attempts to intervene in the investigation, including listing his dismissal reasons may be related to investigating Trump, but still said that he did not decide whether Trump would hinder the driver’s impartiality.

Asked whether the report was excused for Trump’s crimes, Miller denied it.

Avoiding impeachment problems

The Republican Party questioned the hearing as a reason for the Democratic Party to find impeachment of Trump and questioned Miller. However, Miller has been evading the wording of impeachment at the hearing and responded with “I will not comment.”

Admit that the president can sue after he steps down

Miller said in May that he could not sue an incumbent president because of the provisions of the Ministry of Justice. At the hearing, Miller was asked, “Does that if the president stepped down, he can accuse him of obstructing justice?” Miller responded: “Yes.”

This answer can be considered a Miller accusation against Trump, but it can also be considered a general statement.

Explain why you don’t call Trump to testify

Miller was asked why he did not directly call Trump to testify during the investigation. Miller said that if he considered the direct call to provoke Trump to resist and delay the investigation, he finally decided to ask Trump to answer the question in writing. Miller stressed that Trump had sworn an oath for his answer, but admitted that the written answer was not as effective as the call.

Blaming Trump to encourage WikiLeaks to leak

In the 2016 election, Trump had revealed that the Democratic Party’s rival Hillary’s email had been revealed by WikiLeaks, and once said “encourage leaks”. The investigation found that these messages are likely to be stolen by Russia and provided to WikiLeaks. Miller accused Trump of this kind of encouragement.

Negative investigation is in hunting witch

Miller denied Trump’s witchcraft theory and denied the investigation team’s political bias. Miller said that he has been working for 25 years without asking about the political background. For his team, Miller said that he only cares about the ability of individuals to complete their work quickly, earnestly and with integrity.

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