RUSAL (0486) announced the second operational data as of the end of June this year. Aluminum production was 938,000 tons, an increase of 1% quarter-to-quarter, with Siberian smelters accounting for 93% of total aluminum production.

The company also pointed out that the sales volume of aluminum during the period was 1.082 million tons, up 20.8% quarter-to-quarter. The increase in sales volume and sales were partly due to the US Treasury Department’s Foreign Asset Management Office sanctions, and accumulated the remaining inventory of primary aluminum at the end of last year. Among them, the sales of value-added products increased by 59.9% to 414,000 tons, and the share of value-added products in the total sales portfolio rose to 38% as planned.

The company also pointed out that in the second quarter of this year, the average realized aluminum price was US$1,970 per ton, up 1.1% quarter-to-quarter.

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