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On July 26, US President Donald Trump asked the World Trade Organization (WTO) to reform and stop China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea and other countries and regions as self-proclaimed developing economies.

On the 26th, Trump instructed the US trade representative Robert Lighthizer to “use all possible means” to prevent the WTO from preventing some countries and regions whose economic strength does not require preferential treatment, claiming to be a developing economy. .

Trump said that the United States has never accepted China’s claim to be a developing country, and has criticized Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea, Singapore, Qatar and Turkey for obtaining unfair preferential treatment in trade. It believes that the WTO urgently needs reform. .

In the memorandum, Trump asked Wright Heze to report the situation 60 days later, and pointed out that if the WTO did not achieve “substantial progress” after 90 days, the United States will unilaterally no longer recognize these countries and regions as the status of developing economies. And no longer support them to join the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

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