US Secretary of State Pompeo said on July 29 that she would not rule out the election of the US president one day, but he also stressed that he would fully support US President Trump to be re-elected in 2020.

The US Capitol Hill reported on July 29 that US Secretary of State Pompeo was asked on the day whether “will win the seat of the US Senator in Kansas in 2020”. He responded by saying “No discussion”. And then said “unless Donald Trump asks him to do so, he will remain in office.”

After that, Pompeo was asked “whether or not he intends to run for the US president.” He said, “I can never predict what my next job will be. If I can make this change, for the United States, there is nothing I will not consider.”

However, Pompeo also stressed that for the time being, he will fully support Trump’s re-election in 2020.

According to the report, the 55-year-old Kansas, a conservative hawk from the Republican Party, had extensive political experience during his 18 years in the United States. He served in the military and served as the director of the Central Intelligence. In March 2018, he became the US Secretary of State. His experience has also led to speculation that he “is likely to seek a higher position.”

The New York Times pointed out that on July 17, in an interview in Kansas, Pompeo seemed to be weighing the pros and cons for the Kansas senator. He also said that he would “take time” to think about the possibility of running for the election. Discuss with your wife.

Pompeo has always been regarded as a “loyal ally” by Trump. CNN reported that Pompeo said at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kansas, USA on March 18 that the Secretary of State was his “lifelong work” and “unless the president fired me.”

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