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The Polish government introduced a new tax reduction law on August 1st to abolish the income tax of about 2 million young people to attract them to stay in the country. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that since the country joined the European Union in 2004, domestic talents have been lost, and it is hoped that this new law will give young people more opportunities. “Let them have Poland and Western European countries.” The same opportunity.”

The new legislation stipulates that Poles under the age of 26 and whose annual income is less than 85.528 million PLN (about HK$17,400) can be exempt from the 18% income tax. Since the Polish average annual income is about 60,000 PLN (about 122,200 Hong Kong dollars), the authorities estimate that there are about 2 million people eligible for tax exemption.

Moravitsky said that about 1.7 million people have left Poland in the past 15 years. “It is like the entire population of Warsaw has left. This is a huge loss. We must stop this situation, young people must Stay in Poland.”

Kinga Kitowska, a 22-year-old woman who chose to leave Poland and worked as a business analyst in London, believes that the government’s tax exemption policy is a concession, but not enough for her to give up her life in the UK. “The key is to create jobs. Opportunity to open up more industries that appeal to young people.”

Kidoska also pointed out that her priority is not salary, but job opportunities, because the work she got in London does not exist in Poland. Opposition MP Ryszard Petru also criticized the new law for only reducing wages for employers without making young people richer.

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