US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated on July 29 that she had ruled out her plans to run for the SAR in 2020. However, Pompeo did not deny whether he would participate in the presidential election in the future.

Excluding the election of the Kansas Senator, it is clear that Pompeo is very confident in his position in the Trump administration.

This statement by Pompeo should be considered after careful consideration. According to a report on the Hill on Capitol Hill on the 29th, Pompeo was first asked “whether to win the seat of the Kansas Senate in 2020”. For this, he first said “not to discuss” (off the Response), then said, “Unless President Trump asked him to do so, he will remain in office.” That is, only when Trump instructed him to campaign for the Republican Party to retain control of the Senate would he Choose to do this.

On July 29, when asked if he was interested in running for the US president, Pompeo said, “I can never predict what my next job will be. If I can make this change, for the United States, nothing is I will not consider it.”

In other words, the Republican Party now seems to think that there is no need to send Pompeo to hold the seat of the Senate in Kansas.

The Republican leadership had hoped that Pompeo would enter the Senate. Senate leader Mitch McConnell hopes that Pompeo will run for the replacement of Pat Roberts, who is about to retire in the state. Now that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has announced his candidacy for the election, the Republican National Senate Committee believes that after Kobach’s 2018 campaign for the governor’s defeat, his position on immigration remains too extreme, which is not conducive to the Republican Party. Hold the federal Senate seat in the state.

However, Pompeo believes that Kobach should adjust his extreme position and increase his winning face to prevent the seat from being captured by the Democratic Party. The option of “Pon Peo’s candidacy to secure the Senate seat in Kansas” is no longer considered.

Of course, Pompeo’s abandonment of this seat is also derived from another judgment, which is the stability of his position as Secretary of State in the short term. If his right to speak in the Trump administration cabinet falls, and Trump shows a tendency to expel him, Pompeo will definitely make plans early to avoid missing the best time to enter the Senate. Therefore, from the current point of view, Pompeo has decided to “retreat from the whole body” in the post of Secretary of State of the Trump government, and use the historical achievements of the Secretary of State as a springboard to run for the presidency.

Moreover, Pompeo has almost the characteristics of many other people who have participated in the president: young (55 years old), conservative hawks in the Republican Party, congressional and military fields, former military service, graduated from West Point Military Academy. I have been the Director of the CIA and the Secretary of State.

A well-known American journalist, James Risen, said in an article on July 29 that although Pompeo had been promoted to the State Council by the CIA, he was still involved in US intelligence work and affected the US intelligence community. The only difference is that, as Secretary of State, Pompeo has assumed the role of an intermediary between Trump and the intelligence community. Traditionally, the Secretary of State can only accept intelligence briefings, which are “customers” in the intelligence community, not the lead. However, because CIA Director Gina Hapel is a confidant of Pompei and the national intelligence director Dan Coats has not been re-used and has just been replaced, Pompeo naturally increased his participation in the intelligence field.

Pompeo has been so “strong” in both diplomatic and intelligence fields, no less than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. After Hillary was in charge of the State Council, she once fought against the White House and competed for more discourse in diplomacy. Now Pompeo is in the situation of satisfying and pleasing Trump, fighting for the right to speak across departments, and adding as much as possible to his career as Secretary of State.

But in recent decades, no former secretary of state has successfully run for president. This is because in peacetime, the priority of American voters in selecting presidents is internal factors, especially the economy. Some of the inherent advantages of traditional politicians are not necessarily dominant, and Trump’s election is an example.

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