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North Korea recently tested missiles or rockets in succession. US President Donald Trump was not angry. On August 2, he defended North Korea and said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un did not violate the promises made to the US. He also described Kim Jong-un as having a vision and said that “only I can make his wish come true.” He also described himself as Kim Jong-un’s “his friend.”

Trump posted multiple posts on Twitter that day, referring to North Korea’s test of short-range ballistic missiles in the past few days, without violating the two people’s declarations in Singapore.

Kim Jong-un had promised to the US side to suspend the nuclear test and long-range missile test. The test was a short-range guided missile, which was regarded as a “grey zone.”

Trump said in the post that the missile test “may be a violation of the UN regulations, but Kim Chairman Kim Jong-un will not want to let me down, violating our commitment. North Korea can get too much, very potential The country, under the leadership of Kim Jong-un, is even more infinite, but there can be many losses.”

He also said, “I may be wrong, but I believe that Chairman Kim is far-sighted and has a beautiful vision for his country. Then only in the United States where I am president, I can realize it. He will do the right thing because He is very smart, he will not do it, and he will not want his friend Trump to be disappointed.”

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