xiaomi VR

Facebook announced earlier that it has partnered with Xiaomi (1810) to develop the virtual reality (VR) headset Oculus Go (the millet version called Mi VR). According to the US technology media “VentureBeat” quoted sources, Xiaomi has disbanded the development team of the product; Facebook said that it has not given up the platform that has been a year old.

According to sources, Xiaomi has fired the development team of Mi VR and Oculus Go, including more than a dozen employees, responsible for the maintenance and development of the platform.

 A Facebook spokesperson said that it will not comment on the future product roadmap. The company is still producing and selling OculusGo. If there is any news about any product, it will be announced in due course. Xiaomi responded to the internal media “Tencent first line” that the above report was false news, but did not disclose more details.

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