US Investment Index Compilation Company Mingsheng (MSCI) announced the final decision of the August quarterly review: As part of the August 20th quarter index review, MSCI increased China’s broad market A-share factor from 10% to 15%, which will be in August. Effective after the close on the 27th.

On the 8th, MSCI announced that the August quarterly adjustment showed that a total of 10 stocks were added to the MSCI A-share onshore index, without elimination. The top three targets include PICC, China Railway, Wanhua Chemical, and the rest of the targets include Tomson Bianjian. , China Shipbuilding, Haihang Holdings, Pangang Vanadium and Titanium, Visionox, WuXi PharmaTech, Yunda shares; MSCI A shares in the small-cap index did not adjust.

On the same day, MSCI also announced the addition of seven MSCI China All Shares Indexes, one out of which, including Haidilao, China Railway and Wanhua Chemical became the top three new targets; in addition, announced at MSCI Of the MSCI China All Shares Small Cap Index., one was added and three were excluded.

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