huawei trump china trade war

US President Donald Trump said on August 9 that he is not ready to reach an agreement with China. He also said that the United States will not do business with Huawei, and the agreement will not change until China and the United States reach an agreement. A reporter asked if he would cancel the meeting between the US and China’s trade officials in September. He said that it is possible, but will continue to see progress, saying that the current consultations are still scheduled.

Do not do business with Huawei until there is an agreement

Trump said on the same day that he is looking forward to seeing more progress in the China-US negotiations, but the Washington government is not prepared to reach an agreement with China.

He also said that the United States will not do business with China’s telecommunications equipment giant Huawei. The situation will change when China and the United States reach a trade agreement.

For a new round of negotiations between Chinese and American officials scheduled to be held in the United States in September, Trump said, “We will see if we will continue to meet in September. If it is, it will be good. If not, it will be good.”

He also mentioned the Federal Reserve Board again. He said that the United States has the safest currency in the world, but the currency is too strong to hurt producers. He said that the US Federal Reserve needs to lower interest rates.

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