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Li Xiaojia: Different companies with the same rights will be included in the interconnection Alibaba “will eventually go home”

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Li Xiaojia, chief executive of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, said that the mainland exchange had completed the consultation on the interconnection of WVR companies on Friday. The core issues have been resolved, leaving technical and procedural issues. It is fast, and it is expected that eligible shares will be formally incorporated soon.

After asking about the opening of the mainland Science and Technology Board, the valuation has risen sharply, which has widened the spread between A and H. Li Xiaojia said that the price difference between A and H is long-term, and the investment objects in the two markets are separated. Therefore, the relationship between supply and demand is completely different and will affect the valuation judgment. He also said that after the opening of the board, the stock has a large increase. As a new sector, it is supported by the market and is very normal. It is expected that after the normal operation of the new sector, the valuation will follow the normal state.

Said that the withdrawal of new shares from listing has nothing to do with politics

On the other hand, Budweiser Asia Pacific withdrew from the market in the middle of last month. Regarding the recent social instability, it will affect the fund raising of new shares in the second half of the year. Li Xiaojia pointed out that the companies that had suspended their listings earlier mainly considered the market conditions and had nothing to do with political factors. I hope to see them again in Hong Kong in the future.

As for Alibaba’s second listing in Hong Kong, he said that he does not comment on individual companies, but he believes that Hong Kong is the home of Alibaba. Such companies “will eventually go home.”

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has earlier announced that it will tighten its “backdoor” listing. Li Xiaojia pointed out that all consultations are conducted on negative market issues and will definitely have a certain impact on the market, but I believe the market will adapt to it. He added that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is one of the shareholders of the virtual bank “Fu Rong Bank”, and the gold futures business of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange can create synergies with virtual banks.

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