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The Indian and Pakistani military exchanged fire on the border of the Kashmir area on 15 August, killing at least 10 people, including three civilians.

Al Jazeera quoted Pakistani military spokesman Asif Ghafoor as saying that India and Pakistan exchanged fire in the area of ​​the Line of Control in Kashmir, with at least three Pakistani soldiers and five prints. The soldiers died and another three civilians were killed on the Pakistani-controlled Kashmir side. He said that the two sides are still in an intermittent exchange of fire.

Reuters quoted an Indian military spokesman as saying that the authorities denied the Pakistani statement and stressed that there were no casualties. The Indian military said that at 7 am local time, the Pakistani side violated the ceasefire agreement.

India and Pakistan have had sovereignty disputes over Kashmir for many years. India announced on August 5 that it has cancelled the special autonomy of the Jammu-Kashmir region and blocked most of the Indian-controlled Kashmir. The incident triggered a strong dissatisfaction from the Palestinian side, criticizing India for unilaterally changing the status quo and the relationship between the two countries becoming tense.

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