The United States and the Taliban organized a number of peace talks. President Trump said on August 16 that “all parties want to reach an agreement”, which means that the chances of the US troops withdrawing from Afghanistan are very great. However, after the coalition left the country, the outside world is still questioning whether Afghanistan can achieve true peace.

Donald Trump left a message on Twitter on the 16th, saying that “many people who stood in the opposite of the 19-year war, and we all want to reach an agreement – how can we do it,” he and the special envoy of Afghanistan, Khalil Zalmay Khalilzad, Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser John Bolton and the head of the military and the CIA discussed the peace talks and reflected The chances of Washington’s end of the longest war in American history are great.

But shortly before Trump’s meeting, a brother of the Taliban leader Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada was killed in Pakistan, bringing uncertainty to the peace talks.

Distrust of the government, civil war nightmare or reappearance

Representatives of the United States and the Taliban have negotiated many times in 2019, hoping to reach an agreement before the presidential election in Afghanistan in September. According to the content of the peace talks, the United States promised to phase out some 14,000 soldiers in phases, and the Taliban ensured The local area will not become a hotbed of terrorism. However, how to govern after the country remains to be dealt with.

The Taliban have always believed that the current Afghan government is the puppet regime of the United States, and therefore has refused to meet with officials. The outside world is worried that after the US military leaves, Afghanistan may repeat the mistakes of the civil war that broke out after 1989.

The Taliban’s re-election of women’s rights has become history at any time?

At present, the land controlled by the Taliban has been the most since the expulsion of the coalition forces in 2001. During the negotiations, bomb attacks on “demonstrations” have been launched several times, including targeting a vice presidential candidate.

In addition, local feminists fear that once the Taliban re-launch, their rights in the past 20 years may become the worst. However, the Taliban emphasizes the relaxation of some of the strict policies of the past ruling era, including allowing women to receive education and their rights under Islamic law. However, from the daily life of women living in Taliban-controlled areas, they still have a good chance in the future. It is a group that is being suppressed.

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