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US President Donald Trump told reporters in New Jersey on August 18 that he did not want to do business with Chinese telecommunications company Huawei for reasons of national security threats. He also said that he had talked with Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, about tariff issues.

Reuters quoted two people familiar with the matter on the 17th, the US Department of Commerce will extend Huawei’s temporary general license for 90 days, allowing Huawei to purchase some goods from US companies. However, Trump said that he is open to doing business with Huawei and said that he will make a decision on Huawei on the 19th.

Trump also revealed that he had discussed the issue of tariffs and Samsung mobile phones in South Korea with Apple CEO Cook. Cook said that when Samsung phones are produced in South Korea without paying customs duties, Apple will have difficulty paying customs duties. Trump thinks his teaching is very convincing.

Washington originally planned to impose an additional 10% tariff on Chinese goods in the US$300 billion in September, but later announced that it would postpone the tax on goods such as smartphones until mid-December.

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