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After the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned Canada not to interfere in China’s internal affairs, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once again mentioned the situation in Hong Kong on August 21 and reiterated his call for restraint and respect for human rights.

When attending the event in Montreal, Trudeau said that he is closely monitoring the events in Hong Kong and reaffirming the need to exercise restraint and refusal of violence. It is time to resolve the issue through dialogue, but at the same time it needs to respect basic freedoms, including the right to peaceful assembly.

China and Canada have been nervous about the detention of citizens and the arrest of Huawei’s deputy director Meng Xizhou. Trudeau said that it is necessary to recognize the rise of China and its position in the international order, but stressed that the authorities will safeguard the interests of Canada and its citizens. “We will not upgrade (tension), but it will not concession”.

Canada and the European Union issued a joint statement on the 17th, calling for restraint and inclusive dialogue, but stressed that the freedom and autonomy of peaceful assembly in Hong Kong should continue to be maintained. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yan Shuang criticized at the press conference. The Canadian side disregarded China’s solemn stance, disregarded the basic norms of international law and international relations, repeatedly said that it was a three-pronged approach to Hong Kong affairs and grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs.

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