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The G7 summit was held soon. The meeting coincided with issues such as global tensions, turmoil in trade, climate change, and the warming of the situation in Iran, which brought a lot of discussion to the summit. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, who is the master of the family, has indicated that he intends to use this summit to resolve the dispute between Iran and the United States, but is his wishful thinking rang?

The G7 summit was held in Biarritz, a French seaside town from August 24th to 26th. President Mark Long said on the 21st that he met with Iranian officials before the summit to propose a relief plan for the current tension, including relaxing sanctions and setting up Compensation mechanisms ensure that the lives of the Iranian people can be improved.

France “send sugar” agreement with Iran

Mark Long did not provide more details for the plan, but he hoped to use this as an incentive for Iran to continue to abide by the content of the agreement, and to participate in discussions on the new agreement on Tehran’s activities in the Middle East and ballistic missiles. He also expects the United States to have new moves on the Iranian nuclear issue.

The United States announced its withdrawal from the Iranian Nuclear Agreement in 2018 and imposed economic sanctions on Tehran. The Iranian side also has a tough stance and announced the cancellation of some of the commitments in the agreement. Therefore, Mark Long hopes to use the G7 summit to discuss the situation in the Middle East to avoid further deterioration.

Scholar: Iran nuclear deal initially flawed

After Washington has taken various measures to crack down on the Iranian economy, the Tehran government has asked the British, French and German countries that have signed a nuclear agreement to provide more measures to protect Iran’s income, but what is the effect? Majid Rafizadeh, a political scientist at Harvard University, is doubtful. He pointed out that the agreement signed in 2015 was itself flawed, and the negotiators of various countries did not count the Iranian officials, which led to the policy of “too far from the ground”.

Lafeizhade believes that the agreement ignored the Iranian-funded Hezbollah (Hezbollah), Hamas (Hamas) and the armed Jose (Houthis) and other agency organization led to an agreement to bring more revenue for them, the situation in the Middle East were attacked There is an increase: the Houthi armed forces attacked Saudi Arabia with rockets, there were thousands of Hezbollah militants active in Syria, and the southern Israelis were constantly attacked by Hamas rockets. The situation was in line with the then US President Barack Obama’s agreement. Instead ideal security needs of the United States and allies countries.

Appeasement policy and market?

Iran also led the recent move in the Persian Gulf situation heating up, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to detain British ships as a means to threaten European countries, to demand that the protocol setting out the income will not be affected, resulting in the United States and Britain and other countries need important maritime waterway Hall The Strait of Hormuz sent a escort fleet to protect merchant ships, reflecting the agreement’s inability to resolve peace in the Middle East.

Mark Long announced a high-profile meeting with Iranian officials before the G7 summit, hoping to serve as a “harmony” between the United States and Iraq, but is he inclined to adopt a policy of appeasement against Tehran? In addition, the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intends to adopt the “Abandonment of Europe and the United States” route, and has a very good chance of meeting Iran with the United States. Therefore, whether Markron can successfully serve as a peace messenger at the G7 summit seems to be a big question.

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