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US President Donald Trump told reporters on August 21 that he was the “selected one” to deal with China, and that if he did not launch a trade war with China, life would be much easier. . However, he added that China and the United States may reach an agreement.

He was interviewed on the grass outside the White House and defended his trade policy. He pointed out that this is not a trade war of its own, but a trade war that should have been launched long ago. “There is always someone to do, I am the chosen person.” When he said this, he turned and looked at the sky.

He continued, “There is always someone to do, so I am dealing with China. I am dealing with China in trade, and you know? We are winning.” He said that if he did not launch a trade war, life would be easier. However, he believes that the United States may reach an agreement with China.

Trump has said that even if it has a temporary impact on the US economy, it is necessary to confront China on trade issues, on the grounds that China has been deceiving the United States for decades.

The trade friction between China and the United States is constantly fluctuating. It is expected that the Chinese and American delegations will start a new round of negotiations in Washington in September. In Beijing, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Yan Shuang reiterated China’s position and pointed out that China and the United States “coordinating the two interests and fighting the wounds”. The two sides have economic and trade differences and are not terrible. They emphasize that the issue can be resolved through dialogue and consultation. I hope the US can face the Chinese side. In addition, the consensus on the meeting between the two heads of state in Osaka will be implemented.

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