china us trade agreement

US President Trump met again with French President Mark Long at the G7 summit on August 26. The two attended the joint press conference after the meeting. Trump said he believes China is very keen to reach a trade agreement.

Trump mentioned at the press conference that he believes that China’s statement to reach an agreement is sincere. He added that he believes that Chinese President Xi Jinping is a “great leader” and a “talented person.”

At the press conference, he did not mention China’s initiative to ask the United States to return to the negotiating table. Trump said earlier on the 26th that Chinese officials had called the US officials responsible for trade and proposed that China and the United States return to the negotiating table. He pointed out that the two countries will begin a very serious dialogue. However, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yan Shuang responded on the same day, saying that he had not heard of this situation.

Mark Long, who was in a press conference with Trump, said that Trump was willing to reach a trade agreement with China during the G7 summit. He said: “President Trump made it clear that he is willing to reach an agreement with China.” Mark Long said support for this, and this must be an agreement that is balanced for all. He added that the leaders of the participating countries expressed concern about trade that did not comply with international rules.

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