vietnam 5g huawei

Bloomberg reported on August 26 that Vietnam intends to become the first ASEAN country to provide 5G wireless network services, but plans not to use equipment produced by Chinese telecommunications company Huawei.

Vietnam’s largest telecommunications operator, Vietnam Military Telecommunications Group (Viettel), is currently held by the country’s Ministry of Defense. The report quoted Le Dang Dung, the group’s chief executive, as saying that the group will deploy Ericsson equipment in Hanoi, use Nokia technology in Ho Chi Minh City, and use Qualcomm and a US company’s 5G. Chipset. He added that the company is also developing its own equipment.

When Li Dengyong was interviewed at the Hanoi headquarters, he said that the company will not use Huawei equipment at this stage, which means that it is somewhat sensitive to Huawei, and mentioned that it is not safe to use Huawei products. He pointed out that the company’s position is to choose safer equipment, and stressed that Huawei is not based on technical considerations, irrespective of geopolitical factors.

According to the report, Viettel’s 4G network is also a technical device using Ericsson and Nokia. According to local media reports, the remaining smaller telecom operators in Vietnam, such as MobiFone and Vinaphone, use Samsung’s equipment and cooperate with Nokia.

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