After the relatively successful performance of the G7 summit in France, when the British Prime Minister Johnson crossed the British Straits, he encountered a major attack from the domestic opposition. On the one hand, there was a threat of cross-party independence, and on the other hand, the Labour Party put down the power. The battle, in conjunction with other opposition parties to instigate legislation to delay the attempt to leave the European Union.

[August 28th, 17:30: According to a number of British media quoted by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Johnson Administration may suspend the parliamentary session in early September and will invite the Queen to the Congress to speak on October 14 to start a new session. During the session, the government will propose a new legislative agenda. ]

On Tuesday (August 27th), Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his loyal left and right hand, shadow money John McDonnell split up and rushed to join the opposition parties before the end of the summer of September 3rd. Johnson blocked the EU’s plan on October 31.

The Labour Party has successively made moves

It has been advocated to first push the congressional vote of no confidence, and ask the parties to support him as the transitional prime minister. He leads the British pre-election and abolishes the departure of Mr. Hao Erbin, and the Scottish National Party (SNP), the Green Party, the Welsh Party, and The United Kingdom (Change UK) and other opposition party representatives met and decided to temporarily let go of his “Prime Minister’s Dream”, first postponing the vote of no confidence, turning to the decision to join hands with the parties to seize the decision on the agenda of the Congress, and then pass legislation to force the Johnson Administration to the EU Apply for a postponement of the Brexit deadline to solve the crisis of no agreement to leave the EU.

On the other hand, it is seen that Johnson has been reluctant to rule out the possibility of “sending the parliamentary session to avoid Congress to stop the Brexit”. In addition, there was an email outflow that pointed out that Johnson had asked the Attorney General “September in September to suspend the Congress for five weeks. The legal opinion, MacDonnell and the multi-party representatives jointly planned, decided that if Johnson really made the “schedule of the parliamentary session”, they would set up another Congress, the power of the Congress, and the “Venezuela-style country” The constitutional risk of the two congresses is a deadly battle with the Johnson administration.

Although Johnson was hurt by these two major blows, he visited Europe last week and met with German Chancellor Merkel, French President Mark Long, US President Trump, and other EU leaders. The agreement to leave the EU on schedule is getting closer and closer.

The last level of safety

First of all, the European Union’s leaders, such as Merkel and Macron, down to diplomats, seem to have been persuaded by Johnson’s sincerity to “agree to reach an agreement” and are willing to wait for the Johnson Administration before the next EU summit on October 17. An alternative solution to the existing Irish Border Backstop. Perhaps because the EU is also willing to fight with Johnson, the Labor Party Hao Erbin temporarily dismissed the idea of ​​”taking Johnson and replacing it.”

According to the Guardian, EU officials pointed out that although they are not optimistic about the “alternatives” that Johnson has not seen so far, their attitude toward Johnson is the same as that of former Prime Minister Wen Cuishan: the EU is not unwilling to be reasonable. The concession within the scope, the problem is that after the concession, the EU lost its political bargaining power, and the new proposal will eventually fail to pass the British Parliament, fearing that it will lose “a lost wife and a soldier.”

However, Johnson is now launching a new bureau, focusing the requirements of the British suspected Europeans on the single issue of the “Bottom-up plan”, ignoring some of the extreme doubts that the Europeans will remove the entire Brexit agreement (including the payment of the break-up fee, Adherence to the transition period after Brexit, etc.). Therefore, as long as he can propose an alternative that the EU can accept, I believe that the British opposition party, in the face of no agreement to close the European Union, even if they want to overthrow the Johnson administration, they dare not play political tricks at this moment, so they have to vote for a new agreement.

At present, there are already think tanks in the UK that have put forward extremely detailed arrangements that can replace the “bottom solution”. One of the major problems is that the implementation of this proposal takes time, and it may not really save the need for re-examination on the island of Ireland after the implementation. Whether the EU is willing to accept such alternative arrangements with some kind of compromise is still unknown. The number. However, given that the economies of the major EU countries are going downhill, the absence of an agreement to leave the EU two months later is definitely something they do not want to see.

Therefore, no matter how the opposition parties are dissatisfied with Johnson, he is only the last step of “successful leadership of the British Brexit” now owes “alternatives”.

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