US President Trump used to have a friendly relationship with the Pro-Republican Fox News. But Trump has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the Hors more than once. He complained on Twitter on August 28 that he is a democracy. The party’s propaganda pointed out that “Holster News is no longer working for us”, and it is also called “we are starting to look for another new media”.

The Fox News Channel has a lot of programs to cheer for Trump from morning till night. Trump used to share the channel’s clips from time to time, but the relationship may start to change. The CNN reported that Trump has been dissatisfied with reports and analysis of the Democratic presidential candidates in the Fox News since this year, and has expressed dissatisfaction with the channel more than ten times.

On August 28th, Trump went on Twitter and directly criticized Fox News for propaganda of the Democratic politicians. He said that Foster disappointed millions of people and said that “we have to start looking for another new media.” Fox is no longer working for us.”

The US cable news network reported that the Fox News released a bad poll on Trump last week, which also attracted the complaint of the US president. He said that the Fox News is not the same as before, and that he is not satisfied with this. Trump has recommended a niche conservative media OANN in the past, and the channel is more pro-Trump.

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