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The account of social media Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was invaded on August 30. Through the accounts of Dorsey, hackers spoke racist speech and curses to 4 million followers.

The hackers posted a number of tweets, including Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who was innocent, as well as disparaging blacks and Jews, and mentioned a bomb attack on Twitter headquarters. The tweet was removed within an hour of the incident.

Twitter later issued a statement stating that due to the security negligence of the telecommunications provider, the phone number of the linked account was invaded, allowing unauthorized people to use the number to send a text message to compose a tweet. The company said that the problem has been resolved and the account is secure, emphasizing that there is no indication that the company’s system has been compromised.

Security researcher Brian Krebs estimates that hackers are tricking telecommunications providers to transfer Dorsey’s phone number to a new SIM card to control Dorsey’s account.

Dorsey’s account was invaded by hackers in 2016. The same organization also invaded the accounts of Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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