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The Brexit dispute in the UK has become more and more hot. The British House of Lords passed the “Preventing Safe Brexit” bill on September 6th, forcing the government to abandon the Brexit date if it fails to pass the Brexit agreement before October 19. The motion is expected to be handed over to the Queen of England on September 9 for official entry into force. However, British Prime Minister Johnson recently said that he would rather die and leave the European Union. Therefore, would he prefer to “break the law” and not yield to become the political focus?

Forcing the Prime Minister to postpone the Brexit

The bill “Blocking no agreement to leave the EU” was submitted to the House of Lords for consideration on the 5th and then passed on the 6th. After the House of Lords passed the bill, it will be handed over to Queen Elizabeth II on the 9th for approval.

According to the motion, if the UK fails to pass the Brexit agreement, Johnson needs to delay the Brexit deadline to the EU by October 19, to avoid the UK automatically failing to leave the EU after October 31.

Johnson said on September 6 that he would travel to Brussels to negotiate a new agreement with the European Union. However, he has always stressed that he would abolish the Irish border “replenishment plan” in the agreement. The EU has repeatedly refused, and whether the new agreement can be reached is questioned.

Can Johnson “never die?”

The bill has legal effect, and in theory Johnson must comply with and ask the EU to delay the Brexit deadline. However, due to the procedural delay in Brexit, it must be “first proposed by the United Kingdom and then passed by the European Union.” If Johnson “sincerely refuses to die” and insists not to delay the EU, the EU will not automatically postpone the UK.

Johnson said on September 5 that he would rather die in a ditch (dead in a ditch) and would not ask the EU to postpone the Brexit.

If this happens, Johnson will be required to go to court for breaking the law, and Congress will inevitably propose a no-confidence motion. Although the result is still an early general election, but because of Johnson’s behavior seriously affecting the image of the Conservative Party, the Conservative Party may be in a larger division leading to a defeat in the election. In the end, it may be hard to break the European Union, but the price is to ruin the future of the Conservative Party.

As for whether the EU will delay the Brexit by letting the UK delay the European Union, the EU has repeatedly voiced its voice, saying that it is becoming more and more impatient with Britain. Therefore, whether the UK can obtain a delay in the Brexit depends on whether the UK has “good reason” to obtain EU support. The reason can be that Johnson’s attitude softens, or let the EU see that the UK has accepted the original Brexit agreement, and even canceled the possibility of Brexit.

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